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Build scalable Web and Mobile Apps fast and easy with Aptugo's visual interface. Have full control of your source code to access limitless possibilities.

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Learn how to develop Apps, from code to styles, including Data Base and prototyping, with a low-code interface.


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Aptugo Lite

This platform allows entrepreneurs building a business App, and jump from no-code to code in one click!


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What can you build with Aptugo?


Aptugo empowers you to build any Web or Mobile App you can think of, faster and with proven quality standards.

Aptugo brings the best of low-coding to traditional programming
Data management

Define and manage data tables intuitively

Data can be structured and managed fast and consistently, creating, editing and saving every update.

Aptugo comes with a great data modeling tool

Create, customize & reuse components

Aptugo has more than 100 components to drag & drop. They can be customized and reused endlessly. Developers can also create new ones, with their own DNA, to drag, drop and reuse within their library.

Templates & element creation

The best code is your code

Aptugo brings more than 100 elements already available to drag, drop & reuse. Users can create and add their own components.
Components can be adapted to any programming language.
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App creation & scalability

Fast production

Aptugo's visual interface allows you to manage data tables, pages, code structures and elements intuitively.
Every element is reusable, allowing production teams to build apps at the speed of thought!
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Quickly take a look at your document object model

Multiply seniority: power to scale-up performance


Crafters create elements

Experienced developers can create and define elements with their own handcrafted code! It can be any element from the back or front-end: charts, maps, forms, a LinkedIn API connector, the sky is the limit.

Good news!

Whenever experts leave the team, their knowledge is saved in the elements created, remain accessible to everyone.


Speeders build Apps

Developers with less experience, can skip the boredom of figuring out thousands of code lines and learn from the best developers by managing quality components and building full apps.

Good news!

The onboarding process is brief. New devs can instantly understand the nature of components and start building Apps right away.


Customize and extend every element

You can adapt every element to your needs and preferences, even create new ones! All done either in the Templates Area, or in your preferred text-editor.

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