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Aptugo Features and benefits

Aptugo is not only a DIY web software platform, but it includes several extra features that should be delight of any person aiming to develop web software.

Here is a quick list of main Aptugo features (or the features we consider worth of mention)

Build your own software

Our mission mentions it: We aim to provide a tool that lets you build your own web applications!

Aptugo helps you create business applications like inventory systems, invoicing, and others. Everything in minutes.

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Extremelly Fast!

Websites and applications built with Aptugo render in a few milliseconds!

As your web application is compiled by Aptugo, every webpage contains only the code needed for it's execution.

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Code clean as never!

Aptugo performs a cleaning pass when it finish building your system, the result? A code so clean any developer will find delightful to work with it!

Usually, when using tools that help you in the development, a look under the hood reveals that any future modification will cost much more effort than if built from scratch. Aptugo's generated code is clean, ready to be upgraded by hand if you wish that, reducing the TCO to the minimum.

Smart Asset Management

Aptugo manages your application assets with ease and smart! You'll never have to worry about having too many CSS files, or incompatible Javascript ever again!

Having hundreds of stylesheets for sure would make your life easier, but the impact in your system would be extreme. Aptugo will allow you to have your stylesheets organized as you wish, and when you deploy, they will be joined in a smart way ensuring there are no dirty or useless definitions out there.

Architect your data visually

Aptugo's DB Designer is a great tool by itself! It will allow you to create data tables, then the fields those contain, and how the data is handled and displayed. Limitless!

The database designer area will not only create standard fields such as numbers and strings. But goes beyond anything you have ever seen by setting up special fields as File-Upload, Windows-8 style password fields, relationships between fields, field lookups to another data source, etc. Everything in a simple visual interface.

Your code, our Core

So you are a seasoned developer and like the way you build your code? Aptugo will build your systems with your code if you wish!

Aptugo uses a 3 layer templating system to build your applications, if you don't like any aspect of the code that Aptugo generates for you, then you can easily replace it with your own!

Language Agnostic

How does it sounds that your system could be built in any programming language and platform out there?

Aptugo works as a layer between your system and your deployment language or platform. Said otherwise, when you have your database, do you really mind if it is MySQL, MS-SQL, Postgress, or Mongo? What happens when you have all your systems made for MS-SQL and Postgress becomes a much faster and better database engine? While in standard systems that's pretty much a throw it away and start from scratch, Aptugo handles it easily: Select your database engine of choice, save, and start using it!

As with database engines, the same happens with your language. What if you could switch from PHP to .NET in just a few minutes? With Aptugo it is possible!

100% Optimized Code

Imagine you just had to develop, not worry about Less compiling, Javascript compression, etc. Sounds amazing, uh? Aptugo does it!

Aptugo's asset control is top-noch!, your code will be always optimum with Aptugo, and without any effort! When you deploy your system, Aptugo compresses Javascript to make it load faster, joins your CSS to reduce server calls (and load time), and many other minor optimization techniques!

Really easy deployments!

Aptugo is not only a tool to easily generate code, but it can also help you by converting painful deployment processes into a "1 click experience"

By default, Aptugo generates your code whenever you save, as a "development" build. When you wish to show it to some people, then you can run a "staging" build. At last, whenever your application is ready, you can deploy it and make it available to the world. By rSync, or FTP, and backing up and recreating your database; optimizing CSS and JS files, and running any process you require on each deployment. Everything with just one click!

Want to roll back? Aptugo also saves a copy of your previous build in case your deployment didn't work as expected.

Use external data sources as local

While Aptugo is more comfortable using his own data. You can connect to external data sources and still use it!

A classic example for this feature would be the case in which you wish to create a system to easily update your wordpress site without changing the front-end, but positibilities are endless! Grab tables or JSON strings and manage those as local... Use several databases accross one simple application!

Import from virtually anywhere

From the Core, Aptugo is able to Import from both Excel files and MySQL Databases

Besides the "raw" importing options, in which Aptugo will create your system from the structure got from the foreign source. Aptugo's AI also understands how popular CMS systems handle their data, so it will accomodate your data into something cleaner and standard instead of "their way" (of course, after politelly asking you about it)

Do it just once

Aptugo allows you to store your structures in an atomic way. That means that if you spend some time building the ultimate security system, you just have to spend time on it once, then reuse accross all your systems.

Our award winning core (well... no awards yet, but we're sure if there was an award for cores, we would get a shiny prize) is able to reuse your code as if it was part of Aptugo since the begining. That means you don't have to do things 10 times. Reuse your code among your systems with 100% certainity they will work, and if there's a problem, Aptugo will tell you exactly what was it!

If you don't know how to code, but you really need a code snippet, you can always hire a developer to do it for you. If you paid for it, doesn't make sense that you should be able to reuse as much as you wish? It is yours afterwards! Of course, Aptugo lets you store, reuse, update, and upgrade all your code snippets and complex structures so you are required to do it (or pay for it) just once, as it should be!

As secure as you wish

The security system in your application can be as intrincated as you want to, as basically: you build it!

Widely used CMS systems are comparable with viruses and Windows computers: first it comes the virus, then the antivirus, and in the middle? You! (meanwhile Mac and Linux users look at you enternained)

You don't have to worry on how insecure is Aptugo. At the end of the day, your system shares 0% of the code with Aptugo.

Runs your system, not someone's else

One of the most special features of Aptugo is that it builds your code, doesn't just run it.

What does this mean? If you have a common Wordpress website in a standard web-server, then just hope one of your articles doesn't go viral, because you are not ready for it. Most websites running an standard CMS are able to cope with around 50 concurrent visitors (yes, only fifty), after that, the wait time and user experience goes, basically, to hell.
Any page load in Drupal (and most CMS/Blog systems) will execute database queries to the hundreds, then thousands of lines of code to display any of your pages. Aptugo builds your code exactly as a sharp developer would code it, in a really big Aptugo application, a page might execute around 5 or 6 queries to the database, and nothing extra is loaded. Making "scalability" a word from the past.

Keep up to date, the amazing way

When you build up your web application with Aptugo, your system will be up to date. What happens in 3 years from now?

Well, in 3 years you can open your old application, build it, and start using the up to date version right away!
If jQuery, Bootstrap, or any other element in your web application was updated or replaced by a better alternative, Aptugo will do it for you automatically!

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Makes your morning coffee

Well, not yet, but we are working on it

Aptugo's focus is in you, we won't rest until we make your life easier. If you would like to see a feature added, or if you think something should be made in a different way, then let us know! We will happily evaluate it and get back to you. We do answer all our emails.