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First Blog Entry with Aptugo!

11/30/-0001 Comments

We know a lot of work is still required, but the pleasure of having our own system to fill out the blog without the need of falling into Wordpress is a huge step for us, and we love it!

Aptugo was conceived as a boilerplate for Gastón Gorosterrazú's programming. Then it started to grow as what it is now: A Bunch of features that most people can take advantage of, and a humongous queue of things we will be adding in the near future. Luckily, the hearth ~or core~ of Aptugo allows us a development so fast never ceases to amaze us. The AI behind this project is behaving pretty well, and the growth (The real growth, not speaking about stocks but the one you can actually take advantage of) is on wheels!

We're aiming high, we're not shy,  and we know that when your decisions are taken from your hearth instead of your wallet, there's no miss in the target. Please stay tuned if you like what you see; please, please: contact us if you would like a feature to be added; and don't forget to spread the word to the world! Without investors we depend on you.