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About Citizen Developers and fancy-names-for-awful-stuff

11/30/-0001 Comments

Saying that you will be able to rise as a Citizen Developer sounds appealing, that's true. We think the complete phrase: "You, a person already busy with everyday's work, will have to invest time into generating a fully-capable application because developers are also busy developing applications" is a bit more realistic, and while realism is a bitch that takes out all the poetry out of the original phrase, we prefer to provide something that works for you, instead of a chimera.

And exactly there comes Aptugo, we don't want to take out developers out of the equation, the same way we know to use Photoshop in our computers but still go to a Graphic Designer when we need something done right; Aptugo serves as a quick-start for you AND the developer. Anyone in your team is able to create a fully working web application with Aptugo in a few minutes, if you bring a developer to the team, then the possibilities are endless!

So, depending on who are you Aptugo will empower your current situation without hesitation. If, and only IF, you want to become the so mentioned "Citizen Developer", then Aptugo is the tool you need. On the other hand, if you're a good data architect, Aptugo will convert your designs into fully usable pieces of software. A junior developer? Aptugo delivers clean code to the level of the most experienced guys out there. Already an experienced developer? We got a lot for you too buddy! 

If you haven't already, give us a try, we know what we did, and we're convinced it is great.