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What is Aptugo?

Aptugo changes, mimics, adapts. The best definition we could find for Aptugo is: it will become whatever you want.

The not so great (but more understandable) definition: Aptugo is a complete IDE allowing users to build and develop complete web applications in a few minutes. Even without previous knowledge of development. So, Aptugo becomes a web application boilerplate (At the moment of writing this Article: a PHP Boilerplate), a do-it-yourself web application platform, an IDE for your web development, and even a CMS if you like quick definitions.

So, before asking us: What is Aptugo, let us ask you: who are you?

A Business owner in need of a software solution: There are many reasons on how Aptugo can help you replace those pesky spreadsheets and off the shelves software with a tailor made solution. Remember "The Homer"? (the car Homer built to fit his needs) three horns, two bubble domes, shag carpeting, etc. Who would want that car? Well... Homer did! Given the chance, which modifications would you make to your car to suit your specific needs? The same philosophy applies with Aptugo: It lets you build exactly what you need, and how you need it.

A Junior developer or development enthusiast: Then Aptugo is exactly what you need! Aptugo's AI (Artificial Intelligence) will help you achieve results only experienced developers were able to reach until now. 

A Senior web developer: Then, like us, you might be tired of doing always the same with slight modifications, then spending a lot of time going through the long checklist web development requires today. We aim to "do it once" and we achieve it! Any structure built with Aptugo can be stored and reused later, without adjustments, just place it and Aptugo will take care of inconsistencies (if any) Aptugo is a great boilerplate development tool that grows with you, allowing you to focus on developing new stuff.

From the core, Aptugo was meant to be useful and full of nice surprises. We don't have words like "profitable", "venture capital", "exit strategy" in our vocabulary. We want to be your tool of choice for development. We are with you in this, give us a try and we'll do our best to keep you happy and among our customer base, and depending who you are, we might even pay you for developing with Aptugo.

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