Open Beta

Pre-built Applications


Aptugo now features another way to speed up development: Canned structures!

With our canned structures you will be able to create complete functionality in just seconds! And best of all: They're stackable! So you can use several structures to conform your entire system with just a few clicks! We will be releasing structures almost in a daily basis. Some of our planned structures are:

  • Clients: A complete client system
  • Users: Login / Access Control / Profiles in your web application
  • Invoicing: Generate and keep track of your invoices
  • Inventory: Keep track of your inventory with this structure
  • E-Sales: A complete shopping cart system
  • Newsletters
  • A ton more!
Just imagine being able to have a completely tailor-made system with just a few clicks! Best part is: in short, you'll be able to stop dreaming about it and just build it!

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