Open Beta

More commenting options with Aptugo


We like to have options, and we like to provide options as well! That's why we're adding in a daily basis more and more powerful elements to Aptugo.

Since today, you can choose to add the powerful Disqus commenting widget in your web applications made with Aptugo. This is how it works:

  • Start by registering into Disqus if you haven't done it already, the URL is (we would love to automate this step for you, but for security considerations, it is better this way)
  • Drag the element Social - Disqus: comments into the place of your page you wish to have the widget.
  • In the properties section, just set your Disqus website shortname.
  • Hit save, and that's it!
Remember: using external commenting widgets doesn't store data in your database

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