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One of today's annoyances with most CMS systems is to find out your web application doesn't work because the CMS decided it was a good time for an update. If you happen to have a WordPress website, you will often see your system being "updated", or requesting updates. Why fix something that's not broken? and what to do when the fix breaks your website or web application? Not many CMS provide a rollback feature..

With the way Aptugo works, this will never be an issue. When you deploy your system or website made with Aptugo, a unique version of that site is built, and there's no way it will stop working in the future just because Aptugo thought you had an outdated system! 

You can keep up to date tho.. Just go to the Aptugo builder, open your application, and build it. That's it! In a few seconds you will be testing your application with the latest possible code, and only when you feel comfortable with it, you will be able to deploy it and start using your updated application.

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