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Expand your Application


If you're reading this, chances are Aptugo already built your application, nothing fancy, but works, right? So, how to make a web system that you can really start using?

In first place, you need to know what you wish, like a genie in the lamp but with unlimited wishes, ask your first!

Would it be an asset tracking application? something fancier like a help desk management software? or leaving the IT industry perhaps a real estate management system? There are many pre-configured structures in Aptugo, and great developers around the globe are adding more and more every day! Check out the current list at this page, we probably have something that's right for you.

Once you've selected your first wish, then just go to Aptugo's builder, and in the right area of the DB Designer screen you'll find a list of all available structures, click the one you wish, save, open your application and enjoy!*

* We really would wish to make more extensive tutorials, but as Aptugo makes most things in 1 or 2 steps, we just can't! If you wish to follow endless tutorials to achieve something, you should be using another software.

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