Open Beta

Aptugo is in Beta


For us, BETA means: We're there, not quite comfortable to advertise tho.

We will be ready very soon, but as per the nature of Aptugo, if it works for you, then you can trust it, and produce excellent enterprise-level applications immediately!

Remember Aptugo breaks with the old method of: Configure something and be attached into that box until you change to a newer and shinier one. When you create your software with Aptugo, it produces tailor-made code just for you, if it works for you then it will continue working no matter the state of Aptugo's development, in fact, there's no communication at all between your software and Aptugo.

Can I use it?

In our first beta announcement we said: We wouldn't recommend to use it for critical applications, as it might fail to run, delete all your records, forget your anniversary, destroy every living creature in your neighborhood, etc.

While we did find a dead bird in our neighborhood, our investigations determined Aptugo wasn't the cause for it. So, use it with confidence, if you find a bug, then please report it. Our current timeframe for bug fixing is up to one week, but if you really need that bug fixed sooner, then just email us, say you're desperate, and we'll move it to the front of the queue (Or at least provide an alternative way until the bug is fixed)

How much does it cost?

$0, we're not sure how much will it cost tho, probably free if donations + paid features are enough to maintain Aptugo.

Then, how do I participate?

Just subscribe and you'll be half-way there, the system will create an account for you and provide you access to Aptugo's builder.

Found a bug! found a bug! What should I do?

We're in the process of building a Forum, meanwhile, contact us by your most convenient method (We're in Twitter / Facebook / and even here at this page) If you found a bug, and you are nice enough to let us know, the last thing we would do is set a bunch of rules around it.

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