Open Beta

Open Source, the Aptugo's way

Aptugo is a different player, with a totally new concept about how things should be done. That being said, it becomes hard to define old terms to fit with us. So we try to keep things as simple as possible.

You own the code for anything you build with Aptugo. With emphasis in the period after that last phrase. If you need even more clarification: You can do whatever you wish with it (like make it open source, then release it to the community)

As part of our personal beliefs, we do not endorse the usage of Aptugo to build any software that would help in illegal activities, or that by our help you could cause suffering to other people. If we find out, we will act (if you're offering pirated music, we'll close your account. If you're offering subjects for human sacrifices, we'll probably call the police as well. So, play safe, don't be a prick, and we'll be forever friends.

On the other hand, if you build weapons of mass destruction with Aptugo, we will close your account, we will notify the police, and we'll talk about you and your amazing capabilities for years to come.

Note: While we said you own the code generated with Aptugo, we don't mean you own any external libraries neither you or we did (like jQuery, or Bootstrap), in short: common sense! You did it? It's yours.

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