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About Aptugo

Aptugo is the result of thousands of hours of development by it's creator: Gaston Gorosterrazu, and while development started back in 2013, the project started at least 10 years before that.

Being a good programmer before the year 2000 meant you would be able to achieve the most until you hit the ceiling. And the ceiling was very low with D.O.S. and 1 Megabyte of ram (640kb usable, and around 150kb already used by the operating system). Great algorithms and methods arised then, and when computers started to be more potent, it was like heaven. But heaven had a drawback... why would you spend time optimizing a procedure if the ceiling was almost unreachable?

And we could spend a lot of time remembering good old times, but.. what the heck does it has to do with today's computing? Consider this: In 2012, a dedicated server was able to hold around 50 concurrent visitors before taking the CPU load to 100%, for a blog.

Another problem current developers face is the complexity of side-tasks is increasing to a level in which the system itself passes to a second stage. A good website must use a CDN for images, be secure, compress CSS, and Javascript, also implement good SEO techniques, and be social ready (and I'm skipping a lot here), how can a single developer or small company compete against the big players? And when you'll find the time to develop what you actually had to develop in the first place?

With those two pillars in mind, Aptugo took shape. From a programmer point of view: Aptugo is just an idea, a way of doing things. Empowered by a bunch of pieces that give a shape to that idea.

Yeah, ok... sounds nice, but what it is?

Besides the "idea", Aptugo takes shape as a web development platform, not mainly intended for websites (but this website was 100% made by Aptugo) but for systems (SaaS) following the old idea of RAD/4GL languages.

With Aptugo, you design the structure of your data in a graphical interface. Click "build", and Aptugo will produce the source code for you, the database, and provide everything to run your software (in short: if you know how your data structure will be: Aptugo is able to convert it to reality in about 5 minutes)

But that's old news, I have seen software that promises that before!

The main difference from Aptugo to other products that promise to deliver the same is: Aptugo compiles code and delivers code optimized to your application, no extra lines or queries are run when you open your software. In other words: It reaches to the same place to which you would reach if you develop it from scratch, with notepad

Take Trackvia as an example: They have a beautiful website, and the form builder is neat. You can export your data to CSV, and get graphical charts that look awesome. But they own your data, not you. Aptugo believes your data is yours, and nobody's else business. That's how we deliver the source code of your application for you to download, and use anywhere you wish. Once you create code with Aptugo, absolutelly nothing keeps you tied with us. You can build your Application with Aptugo and run it in your own server. Actually, Aptugo will help you deploy your application in your server, and with just 1 button.

Aptugo can be used as a boilerplate for PHP applications, or a complete solution for your web-development. There's nothing that makes you stick with Aptugo, but your desicion.

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